Pastor Lesley Abrams

Our pastor has been an actress, comedian, writer, college instructor, business owner, and film reviewer.

She is a coffee-drinker, dog-owner, and hiker who loves ballroom dancing and old black & white movies. Her husband, Dean, is her best friend and the love of her life. He likes to call himself, “The Pastor’s Wife!”

Almost 20 years ago, she moved to Tucson. A double rainbow appeared in the sky that day. She should have known something really big was about to happen.

And it did: while helping her beloved mother find a church home, Lesley found God. God, she discovered, had plans for her. She became an elder, liturgist and occasional worship leader. She was hired as a Director of Children's & Youth Ministry. She wrote and delivered sermons. And she started the journey to becoming a Lay Pastor, by taking classes through Dubuque Seminary. 

In July, 2012, she was given the 'thumbs up' to be commissioned, and soon after was called to our church. In August, 2013, she celebrated her first anniversary of what she calls "the exciting and humbling work of being the Pastor at St John on the Desert."

Musical Accompanist -- Marcia Soriano

Newsletter/Bulletin Publisher -- Susan Patton

Newsletter Editor -- Georgia Bernheim

Financial Secretary -- Kim Patton

Church Photography -- Kim Patton

Webmaster -- Dave Tabb



Lou Bowers -- Clerk of Session
Katie Ludwig -- Nominating Committee
Diane Kent -- Mission
Rob Dillon -- Christian Education
Nikki Sprenger -- Safety & Security
Dave Tabb -- Treasurer
Susan Taylor -- Building & Grounds






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John Haase
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