Worshipping at Our Church

The technical term for our worship style is “blended” but that doesn’t begin to cover the way we worship at St John on the Desert.

We worship in a casual and relaxed environment; there’s nothing fussy about St John on the Desert. God’s grace-filled love combined with our strong sense of community creates joyful hearts in us.

Pastor Lesley uses a wide range of methods to illuminate the Word of God: most often through sermons, but also through dramas, mockumentaries, puppets, discussions and other creative avenues for understanding  what God is saying to us each Sunday.

We pray in earnest for one another, and for the “new heaven and new earth” that we are co-creating with God.

We sing music from a variety of sources: from the “blue” Presbyterian Hymnal, “Glory to God” (the new Presbyterian hymnal) and from our own “St John Sings.” We’ve also been known to sing children’s songs, folk music and, once, Pastor Lesley rapped!

Twice monthly we are gifted with contemporary music from our own singing group Desert Son-Rising. The other two Sundays almost always feature talented soloists, duos and trios, praising God through song.

If you’ve never been to a church before, you’ll find us welcoming, God-loving and easily accessible.

Desert Son-Rising Choir at St John on the Desert
Desert Son-Rising